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Motor Alternator Set DC to AC (Synchronous Alternator)


"MOTCO" make synchronous alternator set consists of a prime mover which is a compound motor and an alternator.

Synchronous Alternator armature will be 3phase, 4 pole distributed type double layer wound and will be provided with sliprings. Synchronous alternator will be suitable to generate 440V, 3Phase, 4wire AC 50 cycle supply at synchronous speed of 1500 rpm. Capacity 5Kva.

Field system will be salient pole type with damper winding provided on all the poles. Field winding will be suitable for excitation by separate excitation source of 220V DC supply.

Prime mover :
7.5 HP, 230V, DC Compound motor 1500rpm. 
The motor will be provided with 3-point DC Starter and field regulator for speed control.

Both Alternator & DC Motor will be horizontal foot mounted type, continuously rated, self ventilated dynamically balanced and will have E/B class Insulation confirming to IS 4722.

Coupling & mounting:
Both the machines will be coupled together through flexible coupling on a fabricated M. S. Channel iron base plate.

An additional Exciter to be coupled to Alternator can also be offered against specific requirements.

Control Panel for the above set consists of starter, field regulator, meters, indications, protections & binding posts for easy connections.
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