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DC Drives


"MOTCO" brand Drives have been serving the Industries since 1980 and have developed a reputation of its own class and Quality. Equipped with the most Latest Techniques, Designs  & Materials these drives have found their positions in the International Markets as well.

We manufacture DC Drives in two broad ranges :
1) Thyristor Drives &
2) Manual Rectifier Drives

Thyristor DC Drives
"MOTCO" brand Thyristor Drives are specially engineered to meet the demands of variable speed applications and have emerged as an Economical Drive for DC Motors.

With the increasing need for automation, efficiency, high speed range and better speed holding accuracy, thyristor converters using the static converter


technology are gaining wide acceptance in continuous process industries like steel, paper, cement, textile and synthetic fibre, rubber and machine tools.

Manual Rectifier DC Drives
"MOTCO" brand Manual Rectifier Drives are specially engineered to meet the demands of variable speed applications. These drives are Purely electrical with no problems of harmonics & ripples, Speed variation is achieved through dimmer stats. Rectifier drives are the oldest and reliable means of speed control. Suitable for working under extreme conditions.
Technical Specification
DC Drives
Chopper Controllers
Control Panels
UPS Systems
Semi-Traction Motors
Diesel Generators
Equipments for Educational Institutes, Engineering Colleges
Educational Type DC Motors
Cut Section AC / DC Motors
Slip Ring Induction Motors
Alternators & DC Generators
Repulsion Motors
DC Starters 
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