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We offers a comprehensive range of Supplies And Services for Motors, Drives, Controls, Generators And UPS Systems. The quality systems of operation conform to Indian standards. State Of The Art Manufacturing, designing And marketing abilities.


Shunt / Series / Compound DC Motors

DC Motor functionality
"MOTCO" make DC Motors are available with different Performance Characteristics and accordingly are classified into SHUNT / SERIES & COMPOUND Motors.

DC motors have definite applications in today's industry. Each type offers specific characteristics and strengths, depending on the task at hand.

Shunt wound Motors are the most widely used as they have a linear characteristic of Voltage & Torque.
Shunt motor has more constant and controllable speed over various loads.

Series Wound Motors are used for High starting Torque Applications. Series motor has greater torque capabilities

Compound Wound Motors are used for Mixed Load Applications.
The above two desirable characteristics can be found in the same motor by placing both a Series field and Shunt field winding on the same pole. Thus we have, the Compound motor.
The Compound motor responds better to heavy load changes than a Shunt motor because of the increased current through the series field coils. This boosts the field strength, providing added torque and speed.

Technical Aspects
Frame Sizes / HP Ratings Enclosures
Motor Characteristics
Standard DC Motor

Repulsion Motors
"MOTCO" make Repulsion Motors are single phase motors, which have stator winding arranged for connection to source of power and Armature winding connected to commutator and the Brushes on commutator are short circuited. 

Brushes are so placed that the magnetic axis of Rotor winding is inclined to magnetic characteristic for changing the direction of rotation.

Technical Aspects 
Frame Sizes / HP Ratings Enclosures
Motor Characteristics

Repulsion motors

Battery Operated Motors
"MOTCO" make Battery Operated Motors are designed for low voltage applications.  Battery Operated Motors are available in different voltage ranges, various characteristics & frame sizes.

Low voltage High current D.C Motors working on Battery are generally used in Railways, Material handling equipments & Bus Air-conditioners.

Technical Aspects
Frame Sizes / HP Ratings Enclosures
Motor Characteristics

Battery operated flange dc motors

Torque Motors
"MOTCO" make Torque Motors are Basically Series motors, which have a characteristic of taking heavy loads at startup.

When the load on motor at start is less, motor runs at high speed, as gradually the load on the motor increases the speed of motor decreases, these characteristics are required in many Industrial Applications.

Technical Aspects 
Frame Sizes / HP Ratings Enclosures
Motor Characteristics

DC Torque motors

Tailor Made Motors
Specialisation in the field of DC Motors has given us the ability of manufacturing Motors of  any Capacity, Range, Characteristic & any other details.

Many Industries have found "MOTCO" make Motors, complaint with their Imported Machineries.

DC Motor with Force cooling
DC Drives
Chopper Controllers
Control Panels
UPS Systems
Semi-Traction Motors
Diesel Generators
Equipments for Educational Institutes, Engineering Colleges
Educational Type DC Motors
Cut Section AC / DC Motors
Slip Ring Induction Motors
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Repulsion Motors
DC Starters 
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