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AC Motors

AC Double Cap Motor AC Drive Speed Control
AC Double Cap Motor AC Drive Speed Control
AC HV Tester
AC HV Tester AC Motor Coupled With Generator
AC Motor AC Power Supply
AC Single Phase Motor Panel
AC Series Motor With Load Setup AC Single Phase Motor Panel
AC Slipring Panel AC Starter 5 Type Panel
" MOTCO " make AC Motors are available with different Performance Characteristics.

AC motors have a wide range applications. "MOTCO" AC motors are specially designed to best suit frequency modulations with following features.

* Motors are Totally enclosed & fan cooled.
* Design based on IEC, DIN & INDIAN STANDARD ensuring interchangeability.
* Motors are with class 'E' or 'B' insulation according to IS 325 with
   special treatment for tropical climate.
* Optimum utilisation of active materials allow smaller frame sizes for the outputs.
* Dynamically balanced rotors, impellers & fans ensure quite & vibration 
   free operation.
* High starting & pull out torques.
* High power factor & high efficiency.
* The windings can withstand high thermal & mechanical stresses.
* Liberal & careful selection of bearings ensure long life & minimum maintenance.
* Robust & sturdy in construction.
* Use of high quality materials, precision manufacturing techniques and 
   adherence to close tolerances ensure long trouble-free service.
* Suitable for direct-on-line or star / delta starting.
* Ideal for use in environments where the air is moderately dust-laden 
   and chemically aggressive.
* Available in Foot-mounted, flange-mounted and face-mounted designs.
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