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Products Manufactured For Engineering Colleges


We have been manufacturing Complete Laboratory machines for Engineering colleges, ITI & IIT since 1977 with a supply network catering to all major Engineering colleges in various states of India. Our products have also been exported to Engineering colleges in Malaysia & Italy.

Products manufactured by us are short listed below.

1) Educational type DC Motors (Shunt / Series / Compound / PMDC)
with Inter poles and without Inter poles, short shunt and long shunt commutative and differential type.
2) AC Motors (Single / Three Phase with 2 & 4 Poles).
Induction, Slipring & Capacitor, Capacitor start, Capacitor run, AC Series Motor.
3) AC Squirrel cage Induction motor(1Phase/ 3Phase)
4) Blocked Rotor & No load test of AC Motors.
5) Cut section AC / DC Motors.
6) Slipring Induction motors.
7) Auto Synchronous motors (Self Induction start/Synchronous run)
8) Squirrel cage AC Induction motor 2 speed
9) AC Dahlander motors.
10) DC Motors with Pony brake, pulley & Spring balance arrangement 
11) Electric motors for Heat run test experiment
12) Speed control & Load test of Motors.
13) Brake test of motors.
14) Swinburns Test.
15) Efficiency determination by field test.
16) Hopkinsons Test.
17) Alternator Single and Three phase with rotating armature and fixed field and Rotating field and fixed armature. Cylindrical rotor & Salient pole rotors.
18) Synchronous Motors
19) Synchronization Test of Alternators.
20) Voltage Regulation Tests of Alternators by EMF & MMF method.
21) Regulation using Direct Loading of Alternators.
22) A. C Synchronous Motors 3 phase.
23) Study of V-Curves of Synchronous motors.
24) Voltage regulation by ZPF & ASA method.
25) Slip-Test determination of Direct axis & Quadrature axis.
26) DC Generators (Shunt / Series / Compound)
28) AC to DC M-G set.  DC to AC M-G set. 
30) Synchronous machine Motor- Alternator sets.
31)Shunt motor Alternator sets. 
32) Identical DC Shunt Machines set for Hopkinson test.
33) Identical DC Series Machines set for Field test.
34)Complete WARD-LEONARD SYSTEM 35)Machine trainer series. 36)DC Machine trainer set with Dynamo.
37) DC Machine trainer set with Eddy Brake.
38) Repulsion Motors.
39) Scharge Motors. 40) DC Variable speed drive system with Dimmer control and DC Variable speed drive with Thyristor control.
41) DC Chopper controllers. 
42) DC Starters (3 / 4 / 5 Points).
43) High current low voltage starters.
44) DOL/ Star-Delta starters for AC Motors.
45) Starters cum excitation units for Synchronous motors.
46) Load Banks with Knife switches, porcelain switches or MCB
(Lamp / Resistive / Capacitive / Inductive).
47) Variable voltage Auto Transformers (Oil Cooled & Water Cooled) 
48) Pony brakes, Frictional brakes, Starting Compensators, Field regulators, Exciter switches. 
49) Static Excitation unit, continuously adjustable for Alternators. 
50) Rotor resistance starters with rotary switches for wound rotor slip ring induction motors. 
51) Field regulators for DC Shunt/Compound motors & generators
52) Field Diverters for DC Series motors.
53) Sumpners Test & Impulse on Transformers.
54) S.C, O.C & Scott connection Test.
55) Heat Run Test of Alternators, Transformers.
56) AC / DC Power supplies with complete regulation.
57) Rectifiers.
58) Variacs Open & Portable type (1Phase & 3Phase) 4Amp till 100Amp.

DC Compound Generator - Short Shunt - Single Phase AC Motors
Basic AC Motor Theory - Split Phase Induction Motor - Capacitor Motor
Capacitor Start- Capacitor Run Motor - Series Wound Universal Motor
Universal Motor with Interpoles - Repulsion Motor - Basic Three Phase AC Motor Theory, Two Pole Star Connected Motor - Four Pole Delta Connected Motor - Slip Ring Motor. Basic Alternator Theory - Three Phase Alternator Operation -Synchronous Motor

The Dynamometer -Performance Testing - Performance of a DC Motor - Performance of a DC series Motor - Load Characteristics of a DC Compound Motor - Performance of a three phase 4 Pole induction Motor - Performance of a single phase Capacitor Motor - Performance of a Repulsion Motor - Performance of an Universal Motor - Performance of a Slip Ring Motor - Performance of a three phase Alternator - Synchronization of an Alternator - Performance of a Synchronous Motor (with optional Synchronizing Unit)

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